Family Business

Grand rising family!!!

Today is the only day you need to focus on. How are you going to make today count?

With the economic world in free fall, people all over the world quarantined to their homes, business running on empty or frozen in this corona limbo, but we are here building legacy. The building legacy is like making pickles. The relationship of the flavor elements are like different balance of your energy output for your life. More on making pickles and building legacy later, ok?

It's during this time of uncertainty, that my family's generational relationship to money and wealth are going to be reborn. My shop here and the other e-commerce and business vehicles that my family is building are the seeds of what will break subconscious curses that have been passed down to us from generations gone. 

This is it.

How are you using this time?


Training the kids?

Working out?

Learning a new skills?


Vegging out?

I am here to talk if you need to vent or build, ok? 

Send me a message or leave a comment if you need to reach out.





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